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How it works of Phone Lodge

Sell Your Old Phone Online for Cash Here at Phone Lodge

At Phonelodge, you have the easy way to make the most monetary value of your used phone. We would request you to read and understand our terms and conditions prior using our website or our services.

Our Objective

The sole objective of Phone Lodge is to eliminate the amount of e-waste in our surroundings by reselling and recycling used gadgets including phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. We can help people identify the actual worth of their used devices in the simplest way possible.

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Individuals or businesses that are interested in trading used gadgets and old phones should definitely try our services at Phone Lodge. This is a platform where you can buy or sell a used phone at your desired price.

Our Promises

Our team promises you the best monetary value for your old and used smart gadgets. We will help you get the greatest value accompanied with an exceptional customer experience.

We are committed to what we say. We promise you a fast and easy mobile phone trade in. Stay assured because, the prize we promise is the prize we pay or you have your phone back free of cost. Phone Lodge is your one stop website for the sale of used phone in UK.

Our Services

You can sell your old phone tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. online for cash. We deal in devices registered to all UK networks.

We encourage reuse and recycling of non-reusable electronic gadgets in an environmentally friendly way. Many people have supported our motive and much more are joining us as well.

Our Brands

Alcatel, Apple, Blackberry, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and Wiko are some of the popular brands for which exclusive trading services are available at Phonelodge. If you want to sell gadgets from any of these brands, we are here to offer you the best sales pack.

For further details get in touch with us at 02037635160 or email us your request at We will get back to you with our best support.


Thank you - excellent service - I shall recommend your site to my friends. .

John R

I sold my used phone to phonelodge and they paid me the quoted prize the same they they received my devices!

Miriam R

Phonelodge is the best website for mobile phone recycle. they have good customer service


I received my cheque the next morning after phonelodge received my device.

Kevin M.

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